It is not just a TABLE, it is an ART

large extendable table


Dining tables cover a considerable percentage of dining/living area. Instead of being a mere subject of practical use, we believe that dining table can be one of the focal objects of household's aesthetic setting. The highest level craftsmanship is an essential surmise of our work ethic, but we aim even further. Our tables employ a symbiosis of durability, stylishness, strength, practicality, uniqueness, and a certain dose of charisma.



While building a table, we try to foresee all potential causes that may affect table's condition throughout years ahead. Wood is an organic material, therefore, it is sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. Although our tables are mainly used in indoor areas, the air quality in living rooms can vary dramatically. The wood boards we use are tempered for an average humidity, ranging around 55-60%. Table tops are mainly built of cedar, which is known as one of the most humidity resistant woods. Due to its supreme strength, red oak is used in areas where additional firmness is needed. Furthermore, the surface is protected by high quality Danish oil, and finalized with oil-based polyurethane.



Fine Dining Table models are by far surpassing a typical 'four leg' design. We try to attain decorative qualities that are associated with artistic objects. Attributes that we consider are balance, sleekness, motion, etc. All of that is additionally complimented by incorporating small decorative details. Our workmanship may be perceived in many ways, however, we tend to believe that elegance and minimalism are the main parameters of our stylistic approach.

stylish table



One of the most important characteristics of table is clearly strength and firmness. Looking from that perspective, appearance certainly holds a secondary place. This is an essential postulate of our philosophy as well. Our products are constructed in such way that they can withstand any (civilized) amount stress on any table's corner. Although our aesthetics occasionally contradict to such criteria of firmness, the sketches are always re-designed in order to attest an absolute strength.

strong table



Our extendible models are expanding nearly 11 feet in length. On account of their construction functionality, those models are surprisingly practical to store, reassemble, or ship. The top parts are not larger then 45 inches in length, and 39 inches in width. The base can be fully reassembled. The base of our latest models is fully detachable, and it is altogether constructed of approx. 10 parts. As a result, a massive, twelve-seat table can be stored in a corner of a closet. In cases when made of oak wood, the base is unusually light, however, considerable weight of 1.7 inch thick table top is inevitable. Finally, a meticulous attention is addressed in order to guarantee convenient seating positions.


Uniqueness (and charisma)

As forehand mentioned, construction of our dining tables does not only implement high-grade industrial concepts, but it is also closely followed by fine aesthetic principles. Each piece is hand crafted from the smallest detail. Inspiration has been gathered by observing and studying architecture, nature, human bodies, and various fine arts. Due to quickness of production, some of our models are made in multiple quantities, however, we constantly try to realize new ideas. Our wood masters' artistic background is clearly expressed in this fine woodworking.

beautiful dining table