Large Extendable Dining Table*

rustic dining table

This robust extendable table has both rustic as well as modern design elements. Although its solid construction exhibits an absolute firmness, some structural elements compliment elegance and detail oriented look. The base is built of yellow pine, while for the top is used red cedar. In order to add a touch of warmth, the wood is enriched with a mixture of red mahogany and walnut stain, and finished with oil based polyurethane. Non-extended setting can accommodate up to 8 people, while extended version seats up to 12 people.

Length: 90 in (non-extended), 128 in (extended)
Width: 39 in
Height: 29.3 in

Non-extended: 164 lb
Extended: 202 lb

Price: $2,450.00 (contact for availability)




Modern Extendable Dining Table*

Modern dining table

This, one of a kind dining table will last for a lifetime. The table features a combination of a lightweight base and a solid 1.7 inches thick top. For the top is used cedar wood, while the edges are strengthened with red oak. All the top ends are reinforced with breadboard ends. The outer sides are oval shaped.
The base is a synergy of bended oak boards and steel wires. The wires increase table's stability, add a modern touch to its look, and could also be used to finely modify the table's height. The table's shorter length seats up to 8 people, while its extended version seats up to 12 people. Warm color is achieved by walnut-style stain and oil-based polyurethane.
Height: 29.5 in
Width: 38 in
Length: 90 in (without extension), 130 in (with extension)
Weight (full size): 182 lb.

Price: $3,000.00 (contact for availability)



Flat fee shipping: $350.00




*The model on the photos is for the reference purpose only. The final product will be almost the same, however, it may differ slightly in details such as wood grain pattern or color.